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TELEFUNKEN Presents Dynamic Mic Custom Shop Configurator

TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik now offers the Custom Shop Configurator for its TEC Award-winning line of dynamic microphones. Hand assembled in the USA, M80 and M81 wired microphones and wireless capsules can now be ordered in a wide array of body colors in solid, metallic or wood finishes with matching or contrasting headgrille colors and custom finishes.

TELEFUNKEN’s series of dynamic cardioid microphones provide extremely wide frequency response and high SPL capabilities, delivering a condenser-like performance in a rugged design equally suitable for voice, instruments or drums on both stage and in the studio. The directional pickup pattern and frequency response yield a microphone that provides an ideal blend of functionality, isolation, and a distinctively pleasing tone. TELEFUNKEN’s dynamic mics incorporate a low-mass voice coil with an extremely thin Mylar membrane and a quality output transformer.

The M80’s response is clear and controlled, capturing the nuances of a performance with great detail, while keeping sibilance and handling noise to a minimum. On drums, the sound is tight, punchy and open, with emphasis on the initial attack. A smooth frequency response, clarity, and detailed mid-range make the M81 an ideal tool for taming brighter vocals, guitar tones, and fattening up toms, horns, or other thinner sounding sources.

The extremely rugged design is built to withstand severe performance abuse, while its variety of finishes, recessed TELEFUNKEN badge, and metallic headgrille give it the classic TELEFUNKEN look.
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TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik strives for absolute perfection. By offering historic recreations of classic microphones alongside their own proprietary designs based around the distinctive tube mic sound, TELEFUNKEN has established a product line that expertly combines vintage style and sound with the reliability of a modern-day microphone design. TELEFUNKEN’s commitment to both the sonic excellence and quality of all of their products is rivaled only by their dedication to provide the best possible service to their customers.