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Tom Kowalczyk Named Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Willcox Guitars U.S.

Carpinteria, California, March 19, 2015 – Willcox Guitars, an acclaimed instrument manufacturer and a leading innovator in guitar and bass pickups and related technologies through its proprietary LightWave Systems (LWS), recently announced a senior management appointment. Effective December 2014, Thomas M. Kowalczyk became the Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Willcox Guitars.

The Willcox Guitars brand expands upon the legacy of LightWave Systems, producing quality instruments for the modern musician. With six national and international patents surrounding their unique technology, Willcox Guitars, powered by LightWave Optical Pickups, are striving to become a new standard in the world of electric guitars, basses and other fine string instruments. The LightWave pickup system is available exclusively on Willcox guitars, creating a harmonic combination of outstanding quality and cutting-edge technology.

Kowalczyk has previously served as Senior Regional Manager for Kurzweil Music Systems dating back to 1988, as the company emerged as one of the leading manufacturers of Digital Keyboards and Synthesizers in today’s marketplace. Kowalczyk notes, “I am excited about this tremendous opportunity. My extensive background in wholesale and retail and artist relations will be a significant asset to LWS as we enter into the next phase of our global presence.”

Company founder Chris Willcox stated, “At Willcox Guitars, we are driven by our mission to bring high-definition sound to the world of electric guitars and basses. This is achieved by combining fine instrument design and choice materials with our LightWave optical pickup system. Using infrared light to read string vibration in its cleanest and most natural form eliminates the noise, interference and distortion inherent in traditional magnetic and piezo pickups. The guitar string is allowed to vibrate freely, providing a new level of harmonic richness and dynamic range. The resulting instruments are a reflection of a longstanding history of dedication to quality sound and progressive technology for the modern musician. We welcome Mr. Kowalczyk to his new appointment and look forward to tapping into his vast sales and marketing experience to reach an even larger base of musicians and end users.”

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