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Ultra Thin Men’s Watches

Quest For Reasonably Priced Ultra Thin Men’s WatchesI’m always looking for thin and ultra thin men’s watches! If you feel the same about low priced ultra thin watches read this article. For most of my adult life I have searched everywhere for low priced attractive, clean designed thin watches. It has been more frustrating than I had hoped. I have viewed countless websites, jewelery stores, retail chains, outlet malls, etc., and haven’t found much to cheer about. It seems most of the nice thin watches are over my budget. Specifically, I look for prices from $10 to $200 and case depths of 8mm or less. I look for ultra thin casual and dress watches and do not really care about the movement or how well it keeps time. Of course, I would not complain if I found an ultra thin watch with Swiss movements for under $100. I’m not sure this type of product exists.From my research, it appears the Skagen brand shows up most often when I’m looking around at retail shops. They are great but as an enthusiast I’m not looking for any more mesh style watches with the typical Skagen design.You can search any well-know buy A. Lange & Sohne Watch for MasterCard in our blog. Recently, I’ve seen another brand starting to pop up in some of the box stores. Grenen is the brand and I could swear they are made by Skagen. I like some of the typical Kenneth Cole designs also but they rarely have thin watches 8mm or less.Thin Watches I Own:A while back I found a Citizen Chronongraph that had an 8mm face depth for under $75 so I picked it up. I have three other watches the measure in at 8mm. One is an Eino watch from Japan. I purchased it from Tokyoflash Japan. The other is a cheap, clean design I found at a Target. The brand name is Carriage by Timex. Besides the Skagens, I also have two other ultra thin watches. One is a Gucci that is about 2mm and the other is a square face Citizen Elegance dress watch around 4mm.All of famous Replica U-Boat Watch are offered in our blog with a satisfied price and reliable quality. The Gucci doesn’t fit into that $200 budget but it was a gift.Comments:Has anyone found any good resources for reasonable priced ultra thin watches? I found that Zappos has a good selection of watches but no information about face depth. I sent them a message last year about it and they were very receptive of my request. In fact, most of their watch listings now show watch depth in the details! I guess asking does pay off sometimes. Now I just need to have them add a results filter to show all watches under 8mm thickness.Fake High Tops are of top quality and high imitation, you just need to spend a little money obtaining them.