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Upcoming 135th AES Convention to Hold “Sound For Picture” Workshops Featuring Emmy®/Oscar®-Winning Industry Figures

— Chaired by Brian McCarty, this workshop track will focus on vital aspects of audio for TV and film, including sound capture, mixing, editing, loudness and more —

New York, NY, August 8, 2013 — Following standing-room-only crowds for similar sessions at the recent 134th Convention in Rome, the upcoming 135th AES Convention in New York City, October 17-20, will feature a special workshop track, “Sound for Picture,” chaired by acclaimed film sound department professional Brian McCarty (On Golden Pond, The Big Lebowski, Dick Tracy, others). This series has been put together by AES’s Sound for Digital Cinema and TV Committee; the sessions will each feature different Oscar®- and/or Emmy®-nominated/winning figures discussing their craft and the latest technology and techniques used for sound capture, mixing, editing, loudness and more.

The workshops will include:

Cinema Sound – Test Evaluation & Screen Performance
Cinema Sound Masterclasses
Music Production for Film – A Masterclass
Sound Design for Film – A Masterclass
Dialog Editing & Mixing for Film – A Masterclass
World-Class Cinema Sound Mixers Discuss Their Craft
Sound for Reality Television – Reality Is Hard Work! (featuring the crew from a popular reality series)
Creative Dimension of Immersive Sound – Sound in 3D
Film Soundtrack Loudness – Control and Standardization

McCarty notes, “The Sound for Picture workshops have been a huge hit at recent conventions, and at the upcoming New York show, we have taken the program to the next level. Sound engineers in television and film are the largest group of working audio engineers of any field, and it is important that the AES Convention addresses their needs with the most up-to-date developments and information available. Attendees will learn about the most advanced and current tools and operations used by Hollywood to produce every aspect of sound for film and television.”

McCarty continues, “I am excited for every session, but especially for the reality TV segment. This is sure to be a highly informative and entertaining session for all in attendance. Additionally, I am excited for the three masterclass sessions – this is the first time that music production, sound design and dialog editing/mixing for film have been assembled together into a masterclass series. We have top professionals in the crafts of dialog, music and sound effects/sound design. We will get to see and hear how a soundtrack is created, completely from scratch into a finished production.”

More information on this workshop track will be made available in the weeks leading up to the convention. Please visit for details.