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The Wink Glasses reducing eye fatigue

Most of us every day, to spend several hours staring at the screen, whether it is work, chat, play games or movies into a semi-vegetative state, we probably will blink once every five seconds eye when We feel more bored, drowsy become less attentive, the frequency will drop, making our eye fatigue.
Wear Wink Glasses, which is a device that can be charged via USB (need eight hours per full charge), when you have an eye for more than five seconds blink of the eye lens will automatically become matte , this way, the other eye will be forced to immediately enter the state of attention, can you reply sober. The reports pointed out that the Japanese eyewear maker Misusage Optical Manufacturing Program in Cheap Oakley Sunglasses on August 10 together with their supporting frame in the Japanese market, the entire set of prices of just under $ 430, or 40,950 yen (about 14,040 Taiwan dollars).
Paradoxically, the news tense (or blink from the eye to the entire video game industry?) In fact, not only we want to sleep or feel bored when blink frequency will drop, will be in the opposite state, that is our super focus, by epinephrine impact, an attempt to look at each corner of the screen each plot or action staged.
Doubtless, we all know that too often wink may cause you paid with a presidential election, so everyone may have should be based on their own needs in the health of the eye (Multi blink a little) and professional success (blink a little less to be a trade-off) between.
I have not the chance to try the Tiffany Outlet, but I like the creativity, the best situation is that end users will feel it irritated, the worst situation is on high alert gamers will think it hindered the game, such The conjecture seems reasonable.
How many times a day the average person to enter the daydreaming state for more than five seconds without blinking? Shish the glasses obviously will improve the productivity of the wearer, let alone can help lead to eye fatigue headache.
I can not help but want to ask a question: Is bosses would not want to have to buy one for each employee the glasses? Like Coke vending machine office coffee? This will bring a whole new meaning to all who worked so hard eyes.