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*** The Sound Ventures Crew ***
Knoxville, TN – September 2012… As the largest and most geographically diverse theater circuit in the United States, Regal Entertainment Group has 6,566 screens in 520 theatres throughout 37 states and the District of Columbia as of this writing—and that number continues to grow. Make no mistake; this is a well-oiled business machine. To ensure the company’s key management staff is fully versed on the latest company initiatives, Regal Entertainment recently held the General Managers Conference 2012, where attendees experienced presentations, upcoming theatrical releases, and more. Sound quality was critical to the success of this affair and, for this reason, an impressive assortment of loudspeaker systems from Greensboro, NC-based WorxAudio Technologies were placed into service.

Knoxville, TN-headquartered Sound Ventures, a live production event services company, was contracted to provide their audio and video expertise for this year’s event. Scott Grimsley, the company’s President of Operations, who served as both the production manager and the audio / video engineer for the project, discussed the challenges of the job.

“This year’s meeting was held in the main ballroom of the Knoxville Convention Center on April 2 – 4, where the opening ceremonies included more than 1000 Regal Entertainment Group general managers,” Grimsley explained. “During the three days, there were various presentations, video trailers of upcoming movies, as well as entertainment in the form of comedians and DJ’s. To accommodate the variety of activities, it was essential the sound system provide consistent coverage throughout the hall, deliver first-rate speech intelligibility, and exhibit the best possible music and sound effects reproduction characteristics for the movie trailers and other musical entertainment. For this reason, we deployed loudspeaker systems from WorxAudio’s TrueLine, WaveSeries, and MaxSeries product groups.”

To ensure superior audio quality, the sound reinforcement system deployed by the Sound Ventures crew included 16 WorxAudio TrueLine V8T-P line array loudspeaker enclosures—flown 8 elements per side in a left-right configuration. The V8T-P is a self-powered, two-way, high efficiency, line array loudspeaker optimized for touring / portable applications. The system incorporates a 3-inch compression driver mated with dual 8-inch cone transducers in a vented enclosure.

Low frequency support was provided by eight WorxAudio WaveSeries 218 bass reflex loudspeaker systems. The WaveSeries 218 subwoofer is a high performance features dual long excursion eighteen-inch cone drivers in a tuned enclosure. This loudspeaker system utilizes Neutrik® PowerCon (AC) XLR M/F (In/Out) connectors for connection to the power amplifiers.

To ensure that the various presenters and others speaking at the meeting could hear clearly while in front of the audience, the Sound Ventures crew made four WorxAudio UltraMax M1-P high performance floor monitors available. A member of WorxAudio MaxSeries product group, the UltraMax M1-P is a 2-way design utilizing a single 12-inch, 400 watt high excursion, low frequency driver in a tuned enclosure paired a 3-inch diaphragm with a 160 watt, large format compression driver coupled to a stabilized waveguide horn for clear, penetrating high frequency performance.

Grimsley commented on the performance of the WorxAudio loudspeakers systems throughout the 3-day affair. “The sound system’s performance was exemplary,” Grimsley reports. “During the various meeting and presentations, the system’s level of speech intelligibility was nothing short of terrific. No matter where you were in the room, you could hear every word clearly. Similarly, when the comedians worked the room, the WorxAudio equipment made it easy to hear over top all the laughter.”

According to Grimsley, the system’s musical and sound effects performance was equally impressive. “The WorxAudio equipment made the movie trailers sound as if you were sitting in a movie theater—if not better. The music beds sounded big, full, and natural while the sound effects performance was everything we envisioned. And when the DJ’s kicked into gear, the system made their music sound terrific—with plenty of clarity and bass, just like you would want it to sound.”

Before shifting his focus to upcoming company projects, Grimsley offered these parting thoughts, “It takes a great combination of engineers, technicians, and equipment to pull off a conference of this caliber. I’d like to thank WorxAudio, Bandit Lites, and Streamline Pictures for their contributions to what, ultimately, turned out to be an awesome job. The Regal General Managers Conference ended up better than anyone imagined. It was a first class event with an exemplary group of people—over 1,000 critical listeners who overwhelmingly voiced their approval of the sound system’s performance. When the project came to conclusion, my client said we made him look like a star to his boss—and that’s what it’s all about.”

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About WorxAudio Technologies
Headquartered in Greensboro, NC, WorxAudio Technologies has been at the forefront of loudspeaker development for the pro touring and contractor markets for the over 30 years—since 1979. With a comprehensive lineup of more than twenty loudspeaker models that feature integrated rigging hardware for streamlined installation and pack out, WorxAudio products can be found in prestigious facilities worldwide. For additional information, visit the company online at