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Clair Global Acquires Eighth Day Sound

Clair Global has acquired Eighth Day Sound, bringing two of the largest tour sound companies in the U.S. under one roof.

Clair Global has acquired Eighth Day Sound

Lititz, PA (August 20, 2020)—In an industry-changing acquisition, Clair Global (Lititz, PA) has acquired Highland Heights, OH-based Eighth Day Sound, bringing together two of the most prominent sound production companies for touring and events in the country.

Clair, the biggest sound company in the U.S., has long provided audio for the likes of Paul McCartney, U2, Elton John, the Eagles, Kiss, Billy Joel and countless others, while Eighth Day has steadily raised its profile over the last 10 years providing sound for Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Bonnaroo, Jay-Z, Tool and more. Underscoring the level that both companies have worked at—as well as their competitive nature—there are numerous high-profile acts that both companies have provided tour sound for, including Madonna and The Who.

Going forward, Eighth Day Sound will continue with the same name, operating under its own management and with its existing staff. Under the acquisition, the audio provider will be considered another brand under Clair Global, akin to Britannia Row Productions in the UK, JPJ in Australia, and AudioRent Clair AG in Switzerland.

In a statement, Tom Arko, president of Eighth Day, and Troy Clair, owner of Clair Global, pointedly noted that discussions about the acquisition began before the global pandemic kicked in this past March, bringing all touring globally to a halt.

The companies previously expected to close the deal in early April, but arrangements were placed aside when the pandemic struck, requiring a revision of terms to rebuild a deal months later.

“It was a good idea then, and an even better idea now,” commented Arko. “By using this available time, we’ll emerge prepared with all the needed resources to serve a global customer base effectively. We see it as one world, one focus, and one company, and perhaps more importantly, the union ‘keeps it in the family,’ with both companies entirely family-owned and operated. Because of our respected mutual values, I have no doubt the passion for the audio industry will continue in this new venture and become a better solution to meet the needs of the industry ahead.”

In addition to touring capabilities, the arrangement means Eighth Day Sound will also support the installation division of Clair Global. While this brings access of the companies’ inventories under a single ownership, they are expecting to continue their existing relationships with manufacturers.

In their joint statement, Arko and Clair noted, “Our hearts and thoughts are with our colleagues and families affected by this sudden work stoppage worldwide. While the impact is huge, we encourage all to stay healthy and focus on the future. We’ll get through this and return to work when we can safely gather again for production events.”

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