Avatar Hosts Fagen

AUTOGRAPHS ALL AROUND 3/01/2006 7:00 AM Eastern

Donald Fagen (left) meets Sonny Rollins in Avatar Studio A

Even an artist as credentialed as Steely Dan vocalist/keyboardist Donald Fagen can get starstruck. Fagen was busy in Avatar's (New York City) Studio C finishing his new solo album, Morph the Cat, when he heard that one of his favorite artists, tenor sax man Sonny Rollins, was down the hall in Studio A recording his forthcoming album, so Fagen stopped in during a break to say hello. Clifton Anderson, who also plays trombone on the record, produced the Rollins sessions, while Rich Corsello engineered. Sony's Jim Yates also recorded the sessions to DSD format via Sony's Sonoma system.


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