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Get Mix/Pro Sound News’ “Festival Sound” Ebook Free!

The Mix/Pro Sound News “Festival Sound” eBook takes you inside festivals around the world!

The Mix/Pro Sound News “Festival Sound” eBook

Festivals are the lifeblood of the music industry, introducing music fans to new favorite bands, bringing economic boosts to entire regions and keeping many sound reinforcement companies busy throughout the summer months. Mix’s new Festival Sound ebook takes a deep dive into the festival scene, looking at how fests around the globe are handling their audio needs.

Sponsored by Allen & Heath and d&b audiotechnik, the Festival Sound eBook takes you on a tour of festivals around the globe, from long-running mega-events like Coachella to emerging niche fests like Daze Between.


Whether working on local and regional fests or the massive long-running brands that are known and streamed the world over, sound reinforcement pros have many approaches to creating audio systems that can accommodate (and withstand) the widest number of visiting artists possible. There’s always something to be learned from how another professional tackles an event, so dive in and feast on these festival features.

Get Mix/Pro Sound News’ “New Venues” Live Sound Ebook Free!

Pro Sound News and Mix have a long tradition of bringing readers the most in-depth live sound coverage, and with our new series of Live Sound eBooks, we get to highlight that factor even more,” said Mix co-editor Clive Young. “With our latest one, we take you into festivals around the world, showing how their audio teams faced challenges, found solutions and applied them in order to create memorable nights for their audiences.”