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Sphere Entertainment Completes Holoplot Acquisition

Following an initial investment in 2018, Sphere Entertainment has purchased the remaining shares of Berlin-based immersive audio manufacturer Holoplot.

The Sphere. Photo: Sphere Entertainment Co.
The Sphere. Photo: Sphere Entertainment Co.

New York (May 13, 2024)—When Las Vegas’ Sphere opened last fall, wowing the entertainment world, one of the many key components to its success was the venue’s ability to clear, immersive sound to all 18,600 seats—and that in turn was due to the site’s custom Sphere Immersive Sound audio system, the result of a collaboration between Holoplot and venue owner Sphere Entertainment Co. Now ensuring that such collaborations will continue, Sphere Entertainment has acquired all of the remaining shares it did not previously own of Holoplot.

Sphere Immersive Sound was installed first inside New York City’s Beacon Theater. Photo: Mix/Future.
Sphere Immersive Sound was installed first inside New York City’s Beacon Theater. Photo: Mix/Future.

Sphere Entertainment made its first investment into Holoplot in 2018 when the two companies partnered to develop Sphere Immersive Sound. While the audio system made its Las Vegas debut inside the venue, it had already been installed a year earlier inside New York City’s Beacon Theater, operated by related company Madison Square Garden Entertainment Corp. which is part of the MSG Family of Companies along with Sphere Entertainment. As MSG Entertainment owns a variety of venues including its titual Madison Square Garden, it is entirely possible that Holoplot systems could be installed in some of those sites as well.

With the transaction having closed, Holoplot will remain based in Berlin and operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sphere Entertainment as it continues to grow its business and serve its customers and clients.

Holoplot's proprietary speakers.. Photo: Holoplot.
Holoplot’s proprietary speakers.. Photo: Holoplot.

In a joint statement on behalf of Sphere Entertainment, David Dibble, CEO, MSG Ventures and Paul Westbury, EVP, Development and Construction, said: “Holoplot is at the forefront of audio innovation, and their custom-designed technology has already transformed what is possible for concert-grade sound. This acquisition reflects our Company’s commitment to staying on the cutting-edge of immersive experiences as we explore growth opportunities for both Sphere and Holoplot.”

“We have worked alongside the Sphere team for many years in developing our technology, and together we have forever changed the live sound experience,” said Roman Sick, CEO and Co-Founder of Holoplot. “As a result of this transaction, Holoplot can accelerate its mission to bring its technologies to more applications and markets and continue to push audio innovation to new bounds.”