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Amplifiers Per Annum

By Al Fernald. Here are just a few of the amplifiers and related updates that have been introduced over the last 12 months.

Amplifiers don’t always get the attention they deserve. When audio pros talk gear, inevitably they start in with favorite mics, preferred speakers or the merits of various consoles, but it takes a while for amplifiers come up. Try running a system without them though. With that in mind, here’s just a few of the amplifiers and related updates that have been introduced over the last 12 months. 

Nexo NXAMP MK2 Amplifiers

In October, Nexo and parent company Yamaha Professional Audio introduced the new NXAMP4x2 MK2 and NXAMP4x1 MK2 amplifier models, replacing the original NXAMP4x1 model. The new amplifiers offer DSP control in 2U packages with front-panel touchscreen control of parameters. The amplifiers include Ethernet ports for integration with Nexo NeMo system management software, and can be remote-controlled and daisy-chained via a standard remote control card with optional Dante, EtherSound and AES/EBU network cards. Four high-end analog inputs use cascaded converters for low output noise, and four digital inputs are available through the rear panel expansion card slot, offering optional AES/EBU, EtherSound, Dante or AES67 inputs. Other rear panel connectivity includes RS232 serial and GPIO ports, along with Speakon outputs for each of the four channels.

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Dynacord L Series and C Series Amplifiers

Dynacord’s new L Series and C Series dual-channel power amplifier lines each offer a linear amp design, and integrate with configuration, control and supervision software tools from Dynacord. Four different models per series are available, with total output power ranging from 1,300 W to 3,600 W. The L Series is intended for live sound providers while C Series amplifiers are designed for installation applications. Both series of amplifiers feature Euroblock connectors for wiring, remote power-on delay, and GPIOs (general-purpose input/output) to interface with third-party controls. Onboard DSP for both series includes multiband PEQs (parametric equalizer), crossovers, limiters, and delay per channel. It also has true channel grouping control with extra DSP capabilities like PEQ, GEQ (graphic equalizer), and delay for each group.

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XTA and MC2 120 Amps

XTA and MC2 debuted their 120 Amps at this year’s NAMM Show. The network audio, two-channel amplifiers are designed to drive more than just subwoofer arrays. Available as the Delta 120 and DNA120 models from MC2 and XTA, respectively, they have 96 kHz Dante inputs as an option. Both will deliver over 7,000 W per channel into 2 ohms and 5,000 W per channel into 4 ohms. The Dante input option is switchable back to regular two/four-channel analog if needed. A single network cable can then be used to connect the processed audio from an XTA DPA amplifier to any number of DNA amplifiers to achieve the power levels required.

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Crown CDi DriveCore Amps

Introduced last summer, Crown CDiDriveCore Series power amplifiers are intended for commercial sound installations. The line provides DSP and the option for digital audio transport with BLU link, and the series includes two or four-channel models at 300/600/1,200 W output power ratings, as well as 70 Vrms and 100 Vrms direct output for use in global installations. The CDi DriveCore Series opts out of load monitoring, and instead focuses on speaker tunings for installations, so the series offers some different features than previous DriveCore iterations. A front panel screen and controls for setup allow customers to recall JBL speaker tunings, configure amp inputs and outputs and modify DSP settings. Bridgeable output channels drive two output channels as one.

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Linea Research FIR Capability

Linea Research introduced FIR capable versions of its amplifiers at the NAMM Show; the new feature allows users to import loudspeaker manufacturer “greybox” FIR settings. The company’s range of four- and eight-channel networked DSP amplifiers—the portable and touring-focused M Series and the installation and contractor C Series—offers models with power ratings from 400 to 5,000 W per channel, all with 96 kHz DSP and optional Dante networked audio.

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Powersoft Duecanali 804 and 4804

At ISE, Powersoft debuted its new Duecanali 804 and Duecanali 4804 two-channel amplifiers with optional DSP and Dante. Intended for medium-sized installations, the Duecanali 4804 offers 2 x 2,400 W @ 4 ohms; meanwhile, the Duecanali 804 offers 2 x 400W and is aimed for installations in retail spaces, restaurants and the like. The range is completed by the existing Duecanali 1602, which was launched at ISE 2017 and now sits between the two new products in the Duecanali range.