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Live Sound

Craig Morgan Tour Transitions to New Consoles

Hard-touring country show transitions to Allen & Heath desks.

New York, NY (August 7, 2019)—Country artist Craig Morgan is back on the road this summer, touring with new desks at FOH and in monitorworld. Making that kind of transition on a busy tour can be nerve-wracking, but FOH engineer Robert Harmon found that research and perseverance for finding gear that was the right fit for the tour and the audio team’s needs paid off.

“I had been looking for a new console since last year,” Morgan’s FOH engineer Robert Harmon relates. “I narrowed down my search to three, but none of them worked out. Then I ran across a console I didn’t recognize online. It looked high-end; it turned out to be an Allen & Heath S5000. Having logged thousands of hours on a GL2400 and other Allen & Heath analog products in the past, I have to admit my mind was having a hard time wrapping itself around this new digital offering.”

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Harmon agreed to try the desk following a conversation with Allen & Heath’s eastern regional sales Manager, Kevin Madden. He wound up using it for two shows and never gave it back, choosing to send the company a check instead.

“They told me it could be customized any way I wanted,” he recalls. “I heard that before, but this time it was true. Using a show file I wrote at home, it loaded correctly the first time and sound check went quickly for starting at zero.

“I configured the desk to mimic the layout of my old one exactly, that made the transition seamless. I also brought things to the top surface I never could before. I always wanted my matrix out with my VCAs and channels, and I didn’t want to sift through layers and layers constantly. I was able to do all that, plus retain the familiarity of my old desk. Everything felt the same, but now I had so much more right at my fingertips, and the complexity of making that happen was about as difficult as using a smartphone.”

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That experience went so well that now there’s Allen & Heath gear over in monitor world on the Craig Morgan tour, as Marshall Bastin uses an Allen & Heath SQ-7 and four Allen & Heath DX168 expanders bring 96 kHz I/O to the stage.

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