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Karol G Rocks Coachella with the Waves LV1

For Karol G's main-stage performance at Coachella, FOH engineer John Buitrago and monitor engineer Robin Barrera mixed on the Waves eMotion LV1.

Knoxville, TN (June 27, 2022)—When Grammy-winning Colombian artist Karol G performed at the main stage of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, front-of-house engineer John Buitrago and monitor engineer Robin Barrera mixed the show using Waves eMotion LV1 live mixers and Waves plug-ins.

“We did a very successful, solid and consistent U.S. tour, using the LV1 in 2021 with Karol G,” Buitrago reports. “Everyone was very happy with the mixer’s performance, so we continued using the LV1 throughout 2022 and for the Coachella show as well. There is no other console on the market which sounds bigger, punchier and more wide open than the eMotion LV1.” 

He continues, “I started my career as a recording and mixing sound engineer,” Buitrago adds. “In the studio, we all produce and mix with Waves plugins, including the artists I work for. So, when I’m mixing on a big PA, eMotion LV1 makes me feel like I’m in a big studio, with all my plugins right there in the mixer. The mixer’s own sound is crisp and powerful, and the added plugins make it continuous with the studio experience.” 

Buitrago, who has also worked with J Balvin and Sebastian Yatra, says that he considers the eMotion LV1 to be a game changer: “I only need 15 minutes max to get ready for a sound check. You can’t waste time at Coachella, and this quick and easy setup allowed me to use every minute I had to polish and tighten the mix with my virtual sound check. Simply amazing! The networking with the LV1 is a breeze as well, and the flexibility is unlimited and simple.

“Portability is another huge benefit of eMotion LV1. Everyone in the touring business knows how LV1 has changed the rules. The best is when you can work on your file with the console in the comfort of your hotel room. And most important is the Waves Live support team who are always ready and accessible, and that makes a huge difference. You can really work with confidence, which is something I really appreciate.”  

Monitor engineer Barrera, whose resumé includes work with Ryan Castro, Piso 21 and Maluma, adds, “We chose eMotion LV1 because we always look for great sound plus consistency, and that is what LV1 gives us show after show. When choosing a console for touring, I always look for software stability, consistency, easy connectivity, and of course an intuitive workflow that makes me feel confident when mixing. Of course, the main objective is to find the best sound, and that is what the LV1 has. I think there are great benefits coming from this little giant.”