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Solotech Opens New UK Facility

Solotech has added to its UK sites with the opening of a new operations facility in Manchester.

The opening ceremony for Solotech's new facility in Manchester, UK.
The opening ceremony for Solotech’s new facility in Manchester, UK.

Manchester, UK (July 9, 2024)—Solotech has been on a tear over the last two years, creating new facilities in Nashville and Las Vegas in 2022, followed by a new UK headquarters at Blythe Valley in Birmingham last year. Now the audio provider has added on to its UK sites with the opening of a new operations facility in Manchester.

Imperial 76, the new premises located in the Kingsway Business Park, will serve as a hub for Solotech’s Sales and Systems Integration Division, as well as support Live Productions operations. With 76,000 square feet of floor space, the facility features eight truck bays, six level loading bays, as well as a centralized hub for stock supporting the company’s sales and systems integration plans.

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The location itself is centralized between a variety of cities, with Manchester’s city center a 30-minute drive away, while Leeds can be reached in less than 40 minutes and Liverpool is roughly an hour’s drive. In keeping with Solotech’s commitment to environmental concerns, Imperial 76 sports a green, efficient building design, 70 parking spaces, and seven EV charging points.

Martin Tremblay, president and chief executive officer, remarked: “This investment reflects the success of our Manchester team and highlights our substantial growth in the UK over the past five years. Solotech is committed to further investments in the UK in the coming years, reinforcing our dedication to driving business expansion across both divisions.”