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Yamaha and Nexo Ready for NAMM Grand Plaza Stage

Yamaha will present three major concerts at the 2020 Winter NAMM Show, fielding its flagship Yamaha and Nexo pro audio equipment to make them happen.

Anaheim, CA (November 4, 2019)—In what has become a NAMM Show tradition, Yamaha will present three major concert events on the NAMM Yamaha Grand Plaza Stage, January 16-19, 2020. Presenting separate concerts by Sarah McLachlan (January 16) and Tower of Power (January 18), as well as the multi-artist Yamaha All-Star Concert on the Grand 2020 (January 17), the shows will also serve as a sizable demonstration of Yamaha and Nexo pro audio equipment.

Nexo loudspeaker systems will present “a 360-degree audio experience” at the NAMM Yamaha Grand Plaza Stage using its modular STM system. The main system will consist of multiple side-by-side M46 main and B112 bass modules flown with the M28 as downfills, while Nexo RS18 subwoofers will line the front of the stage.

View from the Top: Tom Sumner, Yamaha Corp. of America

Additionally, the M28 will be deployed as delays behind the front-of-house (FOH) tent, with Nexo Geo M12 and MSub18 subs also placed behind the stage. On stage, musicians who use stage monitors will be hearing themselves via the Nexo P12, the company’s newest point source speaker.

All Nexo speakers will be powered by Nexo’s new NxAmp4x4 mk2 amplifier, the most powerful amplifier in the NxAmp range, delivering 4,500 watts per channel and 96k processing throughout the system.

Sending signals to the speakers and the on-stage performers will be Yamaha Rivage PM10 digital mixing consoles at the FOH and monitor positions. The Rivage series is the flagship of the Yamaha digital mixing line and offers a navigable menu system, expanded routing and the ability to save and recall settings from previous productions. Sonic quality is delivered through Silk processing and DaNSe plug-in support, among other features.

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The stage itself will be situated outdoors on the opulent Anaheim Convention Center Grand Plaza, between the Anaheim Marriott and Hilton Anaheim hotels. The Grand Plaza concerts will dazzle the audience with wall-to-wall visual and multimedia effects over the course of the weekend.

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