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Absolute Music in UK Adopts QSC K Series Loudspeakers

The Hendrix Room at Absolute Rehearsal Studio

Absolute Music in Bournemouth, UK, one of the UK’s premiere retailers of musical instrument equipment, features a recording and rehearsal complex as part of its 34,000-square-foot headquarters, with 10 dedicated rehearsal rooms, five practice rooms, a recording studio and a café. Absolute Music seeks to provide its customers with conveniently located recording and rehearsal facilities along with the best equipment available, and the company chose QSC K Series loudspeakers for each of its rooms.

The recording studio is purposely designed as a project studio, featuring Pro Tools and Universal Audio, to suit the work style of its customers. The rehearsal rooms pay homage to famous musicians, including the Hendrix room and Cobain room, and are open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day, so that as many as 10 bands can rehearse at any given time.

Absolute Music’s Rehearsal Studios were created after the company determined that its local area was not offering its customers adequate rehearsal spaces with a full complement of gear. In selecting the equipment, Absolute Music’s goal was to furnish the rooms with the best high-end gear, and chose premiere brands such as AKG and Sennheiser microphones, amps from Orange, Blackstar and Vox, drum kits including Pearl and Gretsch, and a pair of QSC K 10 loudspeakers for each.

“The sound quality of the K10s is amazing and they are the ideal loudspeakers for the rehearsal rooms that we have,” says Absolute Music Sales Director Andy Legg. “In designing the rehearsal complex, we made a commitment to provide our customers with the very best equipment. The QSC loudspeakers are a cut above the P.A.s that our clients usually work with, but we want them to get used to having the best.”

Absolute Music’s Studios also offer one-on-one tuition for a variety of instruments and band tuition, so that kids can learn the benefits of playing music together.

Absolute Music says it also has plans in the pipeline for a larger, professional recording facility in the future. 

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