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AKG WMS40 Mini Wireless Systems Offer New Frequency Bands

AKG WMS40 Mini Instrumental set

At Winter NAMM 2016, AKG by Harman presented new, additional frequency bands of the WMS40 Mini wireless system. The new frequency bands are ideal for use in major U.S. cities where existing frequency bands may be crowded.

Up and running in seconds, ultra-compact WMS40 Mini wireless systems are ideal for small stages, clubs, places of worship, hotels and gyms. WMS40 Mini is available in different application-optimized packages, all of which include a universal, switched mode power supply for worldwide operation. New frequency bands, debuting at Winter NAMM 2016, are available for both the AKG WMS40 Mini and WMS40 Mini Dual systems.

The WMS40 Mini system’s new frequency options are designed to protect the investment of customers and include US25A 537.500 MHz, US25B 537.900 MHz, US25C 539.300 MHz, US25D 540.400 MHz. The dual-band WMS40 Mini2, meanwhile, addresses the combined frequency bands US25A/C and US25B/D.

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