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Alto Professional Live Series Mixers Now Available

Alto Professional Live 2404

Alto Professional announces the availability of its Live Series analog mixers: the 8-channel, 2-bus Live 802 ($229); 12-channel, 2-bus Live 1202 ($279); 16-channel, 4-bus Live 1604 ($499); and 24-channel, 4-bus Live 2404 ($599); all prices are street prices. Live Series mixers offer a modern look, low-profile design, low-noise, high-headroom DNA preamps, extensive EQ, built-in compression, Alesis DSP effects, and USB audio/connectivity.

Each XLR microphone channel is equipped with high-headroom, ultra-low-noise DNA preamps for striking clarity and dynamic range. Switchable phantom power allows for the use of dynamic or condenser microphones. Select mic channels offer analog dynamic compression, each with an individual control knob. Each channel features its own 3-band EQ—the 4-bus models add sweepable midrange frequencies—and there is a 9-band graphic EQ that can be applied to the main or monitor mix.

Alto Professional Live 1604

The Alesis DSP section provides 10 premium effects; each offers 10 variations, for a total of 100 ready-to use effects.

Mono channels feature an XLR input, balanced ¼-inch line input, and a TRS insert jack. Each mono channel offers a low-cut filter, gain control, three-band EQ, pan knob, mute switch, and a 60mm fader that is designed for smooth travel. Stereo channels trade the insert jack for a second balanced ¼-inch input. In addition to having two more send knobs, 4-bus models include a pre/post fader switch for the first two sends.

Alto Professional Live 802

A 24-bit USB audio feature enables the stereo main or monitor mix to be recorded to a computer, or allows for the playback from a laptop or other USB audio source controlled by a dedicated level knob. Live Series mixers are equipped with an onboard USB jack to power lamps or charge mobile devices. A footswitch can be used to toggle the effects on and off. LIve Series mixers also offer LED 12-step metering and an easy-access headphone out with independent level control.

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