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Apex DP2 Drum Pack

The Apex DP2 Drum Pack, a six-microphone set of dynamic and condensers selected to mike a standard five-piece drum kit, is now shipping.

The DP2 Drum Pack includes one Apex125 large diaphragm dynamic microphone; one Apex126 dynamic microphone; one Apex-DC drum rim clips for mounting Apex126; three Apex165 miniature gooseneck microphones; three windsocks for Apex165; one Apex190 stubby pencil condenser microphone and molded carrying case.

The Apex125 and Apex126 microphones handle the kick and snare drums, respectively. Suited for handling the high SPL and extended low frequencies that most bass drums can produce, the Apex125’s element is protected in a solid zinc die-cast outer casing and can handle 165dB SPL at the input.

Also made of a zinc die-cast casing to protect the mic’s elements from the occasional stick hit that is inevitable over a drumhead, the Apex126 offers cardioid polar pattern with maximum rejection 180 degrees off-axis. Their miniature design comes with shockmount assembly and gooseneck clamp.

The single Apex190 stubby pencil condenser cardioid microphone rounds out the package, and is designed for use as an overhead mic over the full drum kit, or for close miking on hi-hats or splash cymbals.

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