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Las Vegas Pro Audio, the U.S. sales office of UK-based ATC (Acoustic Transducer Company), is introducing the new ATC passive SCM20SL ($3,500 per pair) loudspeakers at AES 2006 San Francisco in Demo Room #270.

The SCM20ASL features the same woofer and tweeter as the active SCM20ASL. The SCM20SL passives are housed in a conventional “pro-black” box for easy placement on any meter bridge. ATC recommends amplifiers with at least 200 watts per channel of power.

The SCM20SL passive low-frequency section is a hybrid design incorporating a 150mm bass cone with a grafted 75mm soft-dome for midrange-assist. The woofer magnet assembly uses ATC’s “SL” technology to greatly reduce third-harmonic distortion and reveal mistakes and details. All ATC drivers are manufactured in-house.

For more information, visit ATC’s U.S. distributor, Las Vegas Pro Audio, at or ATC at For more new product announcements, visit