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ATC SCS70 Pro Subwoofer Debuts

ATC has introduced its new ATC SCS70 Pro, a compact, high performance subwoofer.

ATC SCS70 Pro Subwoofer
ATC SCS70 Pro Subwoofer.

Las Vegas, NV (July 18, 2022)—ATC has introduced its new ATC SCS70 Pro, a compact, high performance subwoofer.

The subwoofer was created around ATC’s in-house-designed and built sub 12-inch sub driver; without the use of EQ or porting, it provides bass down to 20 Hz and can be deployed as a single, in pairs, or larger multiples as needed.

ATC SCS70s can be daisy-chained for scalable performance and any number of them can be muted with a single footswitch. Flexible gain, and multiple low-pass frequencies allow users to optimize the ATC SCS70 to work with available spaces and monitor systems.

The 12-inch SS75-314SC neodymium sub driver is housed inside a sealed cabinet that is deliberately heavy to minimize cabinet interaction (the entire 18 x 22 x 20-inch box weighs in at 97 pounds). The driver uses a short coil inside a long magnetic gap to produce high sound pressure levels. A new Grounded Source MOSFET-based Class A-B convection-cooled amplifier is designed to work with the sub driver and accepts balanced input from either mono or stereo sources. Buffered and unfiltered balanced throughputs provide connection to additional ATC SCS70 subwoofers and/or full-range monitors.

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Other ATC SCS70 Pro features include 21 dB of gain control, four low-pass frequencies, and a polarity reversal that, together with 180-degrees of continuously variable phase, allow complete 360-degrees of continuous phase shift. The four low-pass frequencies are set at 50, 65, 80, and 320 Hz (off) and delivered via a fourth-order Linkwitz Riley filter. The 320 Hz (off) setting allows users to implement their own external processing.

Fault monitoring protects the ATC SCS70 from extreme temperature or amplifier dc offset, and an ATC Active FET Momentary Gain Reduction protection limiter prevents amp overload. Two LEDs on the front panel indicate power on, limiting and mute/unmute. Maximum sound pressure is 110 dB continuous, 116 dB peak, and total output power is 300 W into 8 Ohms.

Available now, the ATC SCS70’s List Price is $5,490.00 , while its MAP is $4,990.00. However, U.S. distributor Transaudio Group is offering introductory pricing through August 18, 2022 of $4,490.