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Audio Engineering Society to Host 57th International Conference on the Future of Audio Entertainment Technology

The Audio Engineering Society is set to host its 57th International Conference from Friday, March 6, through Sunday, March 8, 2015, in Los Angeles at the TCL Chinese 6 Theatres in Hollywood, with hotel accommodations across the street at the historic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. Industry partner SMPTE (the Society of Motion and Television Engineers) will participate in the 57th Conference, which follows the Sound for Picture program track at the recent AES137 International Convention in L.A.

With a direct focus on the Future of Audio Entertainment Technology, this conference will explore the latest issues facing audio professionals today in regards to cinema, television, online content and more, and is being co-chaired by Brian McCarty and Dr. Sean Olive.

Topics slated to be covered at the AES 57th International Conference include acoustical design and performance of the modern motion picture theater; testing and alignment practices for cinemas; dialog intelligibility; playback of film as well as live event broadcasts in a cinema; immersive sound and psychoacoustics; reproduction of immersive sound in home theater applications; reproduction of multichannel audio using lesser numbers of speaker locations; speech intelligibility and microphone design; production sound immersive audio recording; loudness control and OSHA/European Standards; lossless coding of immersive sound for low bandwidth channels; immersive sound using headphone technologies; and loudspeaker performance from all-in-one television receivers and sound bars.

Sound production for multimedia has evolved over a much different route than the more unified approach taken by the producers of visual assets, and this approach has left a streamlined production path for motion pictures but a complex and expensive production path for sound. Several dramatic changes are occurring in cinema exhibition, with the emergence of “immersive sound” (read about Mix magazine’s inaugural Immersive Sound event at Sony Pictures Studios in September 2014, ‘Mix, Sony Turn Spotlight on Immersive Sound’ ).

While Ultra High Definition Television (UHDTV) looks to be the next step in home entertainment, consumers are increasing their use of personal media devices, with headphones and portable audio looking to be a major segment of the entertainment technology future. This first-ever Future of Audio Entertainment Technology Conference brings together the best researchers, acousticians and engineers to address the current and future audio needs of the cinema, television and Internet (online) mediums.

Also of note at the AES 57th Conference is the SMPTE report entitled “B-Chain Frequency and Temporal Response Analysis of Theatres and Dubbing Stages”, in regards to current standards and practices regarding B-chain electroacoustic response and calibration. The paper was produced with extensive participation from AES members and will serve as a foundation for further necessary advancements in audio technology in the Sound for Picture arena.

“AES expertise has been responsible for major improvements in live sound, streamlining of game audio production, and advancements in music production,” says event co-chair Brian McCarty, a 30-year veteran Hollywood sound engineer. “The AES has called this conference to bring together the traditional production communities of cinema and television with the ‘new media’ audio distribution channels to address current and future audio needs.”

AES past president and 57th Conference co-chair Dr. Sean Olive states, “This is the first international conference of its kind focused solely on audio applications, technology and research related to sound in cinema, television and multi-media. It’s exciting to be hosting this event in the entertainment capital of the world, where many audio-visual content creators, scientists and engineers live and are able to participate in this historic event.”

“SMPTE has been involved heavily in examining and exploring ways in which standards work can help to enhance the production, delivery and presentation of audio for moving images,” says Barbara Lange, SMPTE executive director. “We partnered with the AES at the AES137 International Convention to deliver compelling sessions addressing the future of audio engineering in both the cinema and television sectors. The Conference gives us another chance to work closely with the AES to offer industry members a fresh look at critical issues and advances in the realm of audio and visual entertainment technology.”

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