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Berklee College of Music Installs Auralex Products

Berklee faculty member and jazz trumpeter Tiger Okoshi in Berklee College of Music’s redesigned Studio A.

The Berklee College of Music in Boston recently installed Auralex Acoustics’ pArtScience products, designed by Russ Berger for Auralex, in the studios of its Music Production and Engineering (MP&E) department, which comprises 12 studios for approximately 300 students.

Auralex SpaceCouplers were installed in Studio A, a tracking and mixing room, to increase the effective reverberation time in the live room, and produce a greater sense of space and air when cutting live instruments, such as drums, piano, horns and percussion. For added diffusion, Auralex SpaceArrays were also installed in Studio A.

“We are extremely pleased with the products that were provided by Auralex,” says Dan Thompson, assistant chair of Berklee’s MP&E department. “Both the SpaceArray and the SpaceCoupler were the clear choice for our needs. They are attractive, easy to install, and the quality is outstanding. Also, this gives us the opportunity to demonstrate to our students the importance of acoustics in getting the best possible sound while recording and mixing.”

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