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Broadcast at AES

While we edit, mix and master in controlled, acoustically correct environments, all bets are off when it gets sent off to air. Audio post engineers would do well to know what is going on in transmission and HD systems. At this month’s AES convention, post engineers might want to check out the following programs. For those who can’t make it, transcripts will be made available at

Friday, October 10

1:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.


Organizers: David K. Bialik, systems engineering consultant; Howard Price, ABC

Panelists: Joe Giardina, DSI; John Lyons, Durst Organization; Kevin Plumb, ABC, WPLJ; Steve Shultis, WNYC Radio; Thomas Silliman, ERI Inc.

Summary: The effect of the events of September 11 marked the first time in recent history that a U.S. major market needed to redesign an entire city’s broadcast transmission system. Transmission facilities existing at the World Trade Center and Empire State Building before and after September 11 will be discussed, and the solutions implemented immediately after systems were disabled that day will be presented. The event will also explore the transmission systems currently in place and feature a look at the new plans for the Empire State Building, 4 Times Square and Freedom Tower.

4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

The Year of 5.1 Broadcasting — The Grammys Kickstart the Future of Broadcast Audio
The 45th Annual Grammy Awards telecast was the first live show of its kind to be broadcast in high definition and discrete 5.1 surround on a major broadcast network. The panel will discuss the unique problem-solving involved in taking more than 1,000 microphone inputs from the stage of Madison Square Garden, balancing them in 5.1 — in real time — and delivering discrete surround audio to homes across America. This panel will feature the team that was assembled by the Recording Academy to design this Emmy-nominated and ground-breaking achievement. The panel is scheduled to include surround sound designer Randy Ezratty, VP of engineering and advanced technology at CBS Robert Seidel, supervising producer John Cossette, sound designer Murray Allen, Rocky Graham of Dolby Labs, music mixer Jay Vicari, with additional panelists to be announced. Supervisors of Broadcast Audio for the Recording Academy Phil Ramone and Hank Neuberger will co-moderate.

Saturday, October 11
11:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Moderator:Joe Capobianco — Cross-Country Communications

Panelists:Marvin Caesar, Aphex; Mike Dorrough, Dorrough; Frank Foti, Omnia Audio; Rocky Graham, Dolby;Leonard Kahn, Kahn Communications; Thomas Lund, TC Electronic; Robert Reams, Neural Audio; David Reaves, Translantech

Summary: Once audio is mastered and sent to the broadcaster, passes through various audio processors, affecting the presentation of the product. This event will feature discussion by leaders and pioneers of broadcast audio processing on compression, expansion, equalization curves and psycho-acoustics.