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CenterPoint Church Adopts Mackie DL32R Digital Mixer

CenterPoint Church in Eatonville, Wash., is a nondenominational church that began in 2008 and hosts contemporary-style services, including an amplified praise band, along with a wide variety of events, meetings, and other activities. CCI Solutions of Olympia, Wash., designed and installed CenterPoint’s audio and video systems.

Recently, CenterPoint constructed a small pod-type building that seats 50 or 60 people. Called the Mini Hub, it’s a versatile space with a small stage for midweek events and activities that often include music.

CCI Solutions recommended the Mackie DL32R rackmount digital mixer for this space. CenterPoint’s DL32R is mounted in a small, custom-built media cabinet with wheels so it can be rolled out for events. Should the console in the main sanctuary fail, the DL32R could be rolled in to replace it. The cabinet holds the DL32R, the wireless equipment, and a couple of pullout trays with a laptop. The iPad that runs Mackie’s Master Fader control app recharges in the cabinet when not in use.

“The Mackie DL32R works great for us,” says Pastor Jonathan Cross. “Everyone likes it. It has been easy to train people to use it, much easier than with our previous mixer. Four people primarily use the mixer, and all learned and adapted to it quickly.

“We don’t even need outboard processors,” Pastor Cross says. “For instance, the mixer’s EQ is our only room EQ. We mostly use the mixer in our small space but I wouldn’t be afraid to use it in a much larger venue.

“We’ve also used the DL32R for outside events. We set up a stage outside the building and ran the mics to the mixer inside. The Wi-Fi has enough range that we were able to remotely control the DL32R from the outdoor stage, without having to bring the rack outside.

“The various ministries use similar instrumentation but their setups are not exactly the same,” observes Cross. “With the DL32R, we were able to set up multiple mixer scenes, so now each ministry calls up the scene they need, and they’re ready to go. They don’t have to change the settings someone else was using or be concerned that someone will mess up their settings. It works very well.

“We have a lot of Mackie gear and have always had good experiences with it,” Pastor Cross concludes. “So we were confident that the DL32R would be the right solution for us-and it certainly has been. I would not hesitate to recommend the Mackie DL32R to a friend.”

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