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Clear Channel in Asheville Purchases HHB FlashMic

Ken Ray, an engineer for Clear Channel Communications in Asheville, N.C., purchased a new HHB FlashMic with the omni-directional Sennheiser capsule for Clear Channel’s six separate radio stations in the area. The stations encompass AM talk radio and news, FM classic rock, contemporary and country music formats. All six gather local news and local interviews, in addition to location interviews with visiting celebrities.

“It’s vastly easier just to have one mic and no cables,” Ray says. “The automatic gain control is flawless, so we never have to worry about levels. We recently sent a guy out to cover the Pro-Am Golf Tournament with the FlashMic and a camera on his shoulder. With our old system, that would have been a tremendous hassle, but with the FlashMic, it was easy. Getting everything into the computer is simple, too. We have a lot of people that are pretty much the opposite of computer savvy. They can upload files from the FlashMic without a hiccup, which tells me that anyone can!”

Ray and his colleagues have found that the sound quality of the FlashMic dramatically exceeds that of their previous system, as well. Ray says they record at 16-bit/48kHz and have never come close to consuming the three hours of recording time afforded at that quality.

Three Clear Channel, Asheville employees bought their own FlashMics to use with their bands for documenting riffs, ideas and performances.

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