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Daniel Lanois Reveals Production Methods in New Film

Jonathan Cohen of Billboard reports that renowned producer/engineer Daniel Lanois (Bob Dylan, U2, Willie Nelson) finally reveals details of his production methods in a new self-financed film entitled Here Is What Is. Billboard states, “The movie, which Lanois co-directed with Adam Samuels and Adam Vollick, premieres September 9 at the Toronto International Film Festival.

“‘At first, I thought we could at least make an educational film that would be useful to somebody interested in this line of work—just to see how the interactions happen between people in the studio,’ Lanois tells Billboard, noting the film is not structured like a standard documentary. “But Vollick captured some actual performances on camera, and it’s even interesting to me as he walks around and shows the cables, the wires and the equipment.’

Here Is What Is also features reflections from fellow U2 collaborator Brian Eno and a glimpse at studio sessions for Lanois’ next album, which will feature The Band’s Garth Hudson on four songs. The goal, Lanois says, is for the film to be picked up by a distributor and hit theaters early next year, in tandem with live performances in select cities and the release of the [new] album.”

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