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Editional Effects Study For Gene Simmons, Tommy Lee Mixes

VH1 producer Adrian Henke recently tapped Manhattan-based post house Editional Effects’ audio division to cut and mix 11 episodics VH1’s Rock Enroll Fridays. In Gene Simmons’ Rock School, the hedonistic rocker has six weeks to turn a group of prim and proper British boarding school students into a head-banging, guitar-slinging metal band with the gusto to open for Motorhead. Tommy Lee Goes to College chronicles the life of 42-year-old Motley Crue drummer as he enrolls as a freshman at a Midwestern university. Viewers can watch Lee search for a fellow freshman roommate, try out for debate team, throw a blowout toga party (we’d guess he’ll get an A on that one!), and descends from double-bass rock drumming to snare drum cadences as he joins the marching band, all while attempting to keep up his GPA.

With only a month to take five Tommy Lee and six Rock School spots from concept to delivery, Henke turned to EENYC audio division co-owner and senior engineer Roy Harter. “It was fun working on projects featuring the bands I grew up with,” says Hartner. “Who didn’t want to party with Motley Crue? And I was a huge KISS fan! It was such a great honor to work on these spots.”

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