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Effigy Studios Shows Off JBL LSR 6300 Monitors

From L to R: David “Deuce” Haugh, studio manager; Dan Scalpone, midwest account manager, GC Pro; Jason Klawitter, sound marketing, JBL Rep, Jerry Neviaser, partner, co-Designer; and (seated) Jack LeTourneau, 5.1 engineer, Designer

Effigy Studios, which officially opened its doors near Madison, Wis., installed a 5.1 system comprising the JBL LSR6300 series purchased through Guitar Center Professional.

The spacious 3,000-square-foot facility is divided into two independent, yet interactive, studios. Studio A has a large live room and mixing room with three differently sized, acoustically designed isolation booths. Studio B has a medium sized live room and mixing room with one mid-sized isolation booth. Both studios are equipped with JBL systems for monitoring accuracy—Studio A for 5.1 Surround Sound and stereo mixes (using a 5.1 LSR6300 setup), and Studio B for stereo mixes (two LSR6328P plus one LSR6312SP subwoofer). Additionally, Effigy Studio features a 5.1 listening lounge using a JBL LSR6312P subwoofer along with JBL Control 25 speakers.

Chief engineer Jack LeTourneau, who comes to Effigy from Paragon Studios in Chicago, notes that the LSR6300 monitors will allow him to properly showcase the advantages of surround in today’s recording industry. “It was important for us to become a JBL 5.1 facility,” he said. “Our aim is to be known as the premiere 5.1 suite in the upper Midwest.”

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