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Euphonix, Steinberg Alliance Brings System 5-MC and Nuendo EuCon to Market

After two years of collaboration and development, Euphonix and Steinberg have announced two new Euphonix control surfaces that integrate directly with a special version of Steinberg’s Nuendo 3 called Nuendo EuCon.

A Euphonix-developed protocol, EuCon is employed to connect the company’s worksurfaces to its DSP core. Originally designed to accommodate any future DSP, EuCon has been standardized to allow third-party digital wudio workstations (DAWs) such as Nuendo to communicate directly via high-speed Ethernet between the System 5-MC and the workstation, which allows for deep functionality in the DAW to be accessed from the control surface.

The System 5-MC is a Euphonix control surface based around the System 5 range of channel modules and includes a Euphonix MC intelligent application controller for DAW and master facilities control. All recording, editing and mixing processing, including automation and plug-ins, is handled by a high-performance PC running Nuendo EuCon. The user may select any combination of converters supported by the PC’s ASIO drivers.

There are two stages to the development plan; first the introduction of the MC, System 5-MC running with Nuendo EuCon, and then later in 2005, the full integration of multiple EuCon-aware applications such as Nuendo with the current range of System 5 mixing systems.

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