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Fairlight Visits Dale Pro Audio in New York City

From left: John Lancken (Fairlight), Chuck Cavanaugh (Senior Audio Post Mixer at Major League Baseball Productions and the MLB Network), Chris Argento (VP Post-Production at World Wrestling Entertainment), Vince Caputo (Supervising Sound Mixer, NFL Films) and Cliff Jones (Fairlight).

Photo: David Weiss

The Fairlight Xynergi Demonstration Tour stopped in New York City at Dale Pro Audio on June 9, 10 and 11. Fairlight displayed the Fairlight Xynergi HiDef, a turnkey media production center that showcased an extremely powerful range of workflow innovations and capabilities. Among the features explained were its highly intuitive central control panel, nearly universal file compatibility, multidimensional panning, and integrated HD/SD video.

Just as noteworthy as the system itself were the Fairlight Xynergi users on hand to answer questions: sports production professionals including Chris Argento (World Wrestling Entertainment), Vince Caputo (NFL Films) and Chuck Cavanaugh (MLB).

“One thing we all have in common, along with the guys at NASCAR who are also using the Fairlight,” says Caputo, supervising sound mixer for NFL Films, “is [that] the turnaround times and amount of media we have to move in sports production is insane. We’re all on this Fairlight platform because it’s really fast. The big picture for us at NFL Films is that we’ve been using the system for a while, and it really seems to fit into our workflow. But it goes both ways: I think a lot of our workflow in audio production is the result of how the Fairlight system works.

“It’s about facilitating sharing, because we have a really large network, and it’s about access to our archives and files from the past. Those are the biggest things for us. Sonically, it’s just absolutely brilliant, but as far as workflow, speed, and access, with the Fairlight we literally have at our fingertips every single audio file that’s been created in our building in the last 20 years.”

For more information on Fairlight’s Xynergi Media Production Centre, watch the Mix TV video in which Fairlight CEO John Lancken’s offers a brief overview, and Xynergi and award-winning sound designer Cliff Jones offers a tour of the system’s onboard plug-ins and surround monitoring control features. Watch Part 1 of the Fairlight Xynergi demo video now.

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David Weiss is Mix magazine’s New York editor.