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Film Composer John Powell Uses Harman’s Lexicon PCM Total Bundle

British-born, Los Angeles-based John Powell has been an A-list film composer since the 1990s for his ability to perfectly set the musical tone of a movie whether dramatic, playful or any mood in between. Harman’s Lexicon reports that Powell has been a longtime Lexicon user, from the beginning of his career to his most recent use of the Lexicon PCM Total Bundle Plug-ins package.

Powell’s credits include How to Train Your Dragon (1, 2 and 3), X-Men: The Last Stand, Happy Feet, The Bourne Identity and more than 50 other live-action and animated films.

“When I first started working in recording studios the jewel in the crown for me was always the Lexicon reverb, way back to models like the 224, 224XL, 300, 480L and 960L,” Powell recalls. “Back then many of these units were incredibly expensive and the idea of owning one was just a dream for me.”

The Lexicon PCM Total Bundle Plug-ins package offers more than a dozen Lexicon reverbs and effects and hundreds of studio presets. “Being able to have as many Lexicon reverbs as I want, right there inside both my Logic and Pro Tools rigs is an extraordinary turn of events,” Powell says. “Their reverbs always add the most musical sheen, that, to me, makes everything sound more euphonic and even harmonically richer.”

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