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Foo Fighters, Fear Factory Gear Up With Soundelux

Producer/engineer Nick Raskulinecz

On June 14, 2005 Foo Fighters will release their fifth album, In Your Honor, a double album of half electric, half acoustic songs, the latter of which were primarily recorded with the Soundelux ELUX 251 microphone. Meanwhile, Belgium-born, Dutch guitarist/bassist Christian Olde Wolbers is recording a new album with his band Fear Factory, recorded partially with his Soundelux E47 tube mic.

“I’d say it was used on 85 percent of [the acoustic] record,” says producer/engineer Nick Raskulinecz, who has worked with the Foo Fighters since 2001 and, as co-producer, shared the 2004 Grammy Award for Best Rock Album for One by One. He often uses the ELUX 251 in combinatione with the Martech MSS10 mic preamp.

“I’ve used it on everything—kick drum, bass guitar, cymbal overheads, anything acoustic,” he continues. “But I primarily used it for vocals. I’ve gotten more compliments from other engineers, producers and mastering guys on the vocal sound on this record than I’ve ever gotten on anything I’ve ever recorded.”

Raskulinecz also helped the Foo Fighters build their private L.A.-based recording studio, Studio 606, which is equipped with a matched pair of ELUX 251s.

The engineer also used the ELUX 251 on the latest album by the Exies. “We did their record last year. It’s doing really, really well. We used the ELUX 251 on the lead vocals. You can get really loud on it, but you can also record really fine details.”

For the next Fear Factory album, Wolbers is pairing his Soundelux E47 tube mic with Universal Audio’s 6176 channel strip. “I have some nice outboard preamps,” he says. “I have some Vintech Audio X73s. They also sound really good with the Soundelux mic going into them.” Digidesign Pro Tools with Apogee Rosetta converters completes his recording path.

Wolbers, who produces under the moniker “The Edgecrusher,” has also toured and recorded with Cypress Hill, has contributed to projects by Biohazard and Front Line Assembly, and occasionally gets called for studio sessions with artists such as Snoop Dogg, Everclear and Ludacris.

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