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GC Pro, Malvicino Install Meyer Acheron System in 424 Post

From left: Derek Snyder, GC Pro Regional Manager, and 424 Post principals and co-founders Kami Asgar and Sean McCormack.

Academy Award-nominated 424 Post, which celebrated its tenth anniversary this year, is an all-digital post-production sound facility based in Culver City, Calif., committed to meeting the needs of the entire range of post-production sound projects, from sound design to editorial, for both big-studio projects and independent features. Most recently, 424 Post handled the sound for big-screen dance-musical feature Perfect Pitch and for Dwayne Johnson’s forthcoming action thriller Snitch.

424 Post recently acquired a Meyer Acheron 80 Screen Channel loudspeaker system that is now the centerpiece of the facility’s newest sound mixing stage. Horacio Malvicino of the Malvicino Design Group, an approved vendor in Guitar Center Professional’s Affiliate program, installed the Meyer monitoring system. The new Meyer Acheron 80 monitoring system was part of a larger equipment and technology purchase by 424 Post through GC Pro that also included a number of Apple Mac computers and Avid Pro Tools components , which were also integrated by GC Pro.

This was done in part to support the growth of multichannel film audio, from the 7.1 systems that 424 Post President and Partner Kami Asgar says have become the basic configuration, on up to the newly introduced multi-array Dolby ATMOS system, which will allow up to 128 discrete sound tracks and up to 64 unique speaker feeds, expected to be installed in 1,000 cinema locations next year. “Film sound is changing quickly and we knew we needed an advanced monitoring system for the new mix stage,” Asgar says.

“7.1 is now almost entry level,” says Sean McCormack, Asgar’s Partner and 424 Post CEO. “Hollywood is looking for immersive sound, and our new Meyer system provides the kind of monitoring that addresses that.”

McCormack says he and Asgar and partner/vice president Tim Tuchrello spent considerable time reviewing various monitoring options, even as they constructed the critical front wall of the new theater, which would have to accommodate the behind-screen L/C/R monitors.

“Bill Learned at GC Pro in Los Angeles made us aware of the Meyer Acheron monitors,” says McCormack. “They helped us further research them and provided all the additional information we required.”

Asgar further notes that these particular monitors weren’t a regular product through GC Pro, but that the store’s staffers went out of their way to make them available. “One of the things that’s great about GC Pro is that with them, it’s not about selling the customer what they have—it’s about determining what the customer really needs, regardless of whether it’s on their shelves, and then getting it for them.”

McCormack says that the Malvicino Design Group worked closely with technicians from Meyer Sound and 424 Post to make sure that the new monitors were put in on time and performed to factory specs. “It would have been simpler for GC Pro to simply point us to one of their regular off-the-shelf products, but that’s not how they work,” he says. “As customers, they put us first, and that’s why we go to them first, and always will.”

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