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Harrison Sells MPC-4D to InterAudio Tonstudio, Delivers Trion to Post Group

Harrison Consoles has announced the sale of a fully automated Harrison MPC-4D digital film console to InterAudio Tonstudio in Berlin, Germany, as well as the delivery of a Trion digital post-production console to the Post Group post-production facility in Los Angeles.

Harrison’s exclusive distributor in Germany, F.E.G. Deutschland, sold the MPC-4D console to InterAudio Tonstudio, which is among the largest film post-production studios in Europe and is the third major German post-production company to purchase a Harrison MPC-4D in the past year. InterAudio Tonstudio will be integrating the MPC-4D as part of a major upgrade of their its dubbing facility, which provides post-production and foreign language dubbing for the German film industry.

“As one of the big players in the German dubbing market, we evaluated numerous consoles for the planned expansion of our cinema mixing stage,” says Stefan Ruedel, chief sound engineer at InterAudio Tonstudio. “The MPC-4D is simply the best tool available to meet our needs as well as the needs of our clients. You can see the years of experience that comes with a Harrison console. Harrison works with so many excellent engineers in the industry and uses their input to improve the console’s automation and the way it handles functions. I know that freelancers love to work with it—you could say it is a professional tool built for professionals. Additionally, because of our strategic alliance with FFS Munich, which also has an MPC-4D installed at their facility, it works to our advantage to have the same console.”

The MPC-4D for InterAudio Tonstudio incorporates a Harrison DTC Digital Tools Card, a dedicated processor that exploits Harrison’s 40-bit architecture to provide a suite of film-specific features that enhance the dubbing process.

Harrison’s Trion digital post-production console went to the Post Group television post-production facility in Hollywood, Calif. The Post Group provides television postproduction for a variety of clients, including many popular reality-TV programs.

“We needed a large-format, full-function digital console system,” says Rick Wilson, senior engineer at the Post Group. “The features of the Trion console will enable us to efficiently mix inputs from a variety of DAWs and help us to address the complex delivery requirements of our clients.”

All Harrison Digital Consoles with IKIS may be interfaced to multiple DAWs from differing manufacturers using IKIS Direct Control. The 32-fader, 128-channel Trion console incorporates Harrison’s Film Surround Monitoring for all surround formats, including 7.1. Harrison’s PreView Waveform Display is also provided for every channel.

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