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JBL Professional VT4882 Subwoofer

JBL Professional has announced the availability of the new VT4882 midsize arrayable subwoofer, an addition to the VERTEC product line. Like the midsize VT4888 line array element, the new subwoofer module has been designed to achieve audio fidelity and provide high-output power via lightweight system packaging. Appropriate for concert touring firms, A/V rental companies and live performance venues, the VT4882 is designed for deployment in theaters, auditoriums, arenas, houses of worship and performing arts centers.

The VT4882 is fitted with JBL’s advanced Differential Drive dual-voicecoil loudspeaker technology. A pair of JBL’s new neodymium 2266H 15-inch woofers energize the PlyMax-engineered panel enclosure, which is finished with JBL’s DuraFlex coating and fitted with NL4 and NL8 connectors. The system includes integral suspension hardware and is designed to complement other models in the VERTEC line. Pre-configured to accept JBL’s upcoming Drive-Pack amplification technology, the VT4882 has standardized mechanical and electrical fittings to receive future, optional self-powered electronics packages.

The VT4882 midsize subwoofer module offers a frequency range of 28 to 120 Hz with a maximum peak output of 137 dB @ 1 m. The pair of 2266H woofers gives the system a 4,800W peak input power rating. (1,200 to 2,400W of amplifier power is recommended.) Weighing 114.6 pounds, including integral suspension hardware, the VT4882 measures 18x39x33.8 inches. The unit can be directly coupled to VT4888 and other VERTEC array elements in hanging or ground-based applications.

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