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Lauten Audio, Dr. Charles Chen, Ph.D., File for New Patent

Dr. Charles Chen, Ph.D., at work on new Lauten Audio microphone designs.

Lauten Audio in San Jose, Calif., and Dr. Charles Chen, Ph.D., filed for a new patent related to microphone capsule biasing. The invention pertains to an innovative double-bias circuit for condenser microphone capsules that generates a balanced output directly from a condenser capsule without the need for a phase splitter or transformer in the circuit path.

“For the traditional single bias circuit, only one signal is retrieved from the capsule,” says Dr. Chen. “To generate two balanced signals from the single signal, the options are to use an output transformer, or a phase-splitter circuit, in the case of a transformer-less design. The problem is, these types of phase splitter circuits restrict the dynamic range allowed.”

Dr. Chen’s double-bias invention allows for a balanced output directly from the condenser capsule, so no output transformer or phase-splitter stage is needed. Current splitter circuits result in distortion or clipping of the two output signals, negatively affecting the dynamic range. Dr. Chen’s new double bias circuit overcomes this shortcoming.

Lauten Audio plans to implement the new invention into future models of condenser microphones.

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