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Midas Mixes Latin Music Awards Show

Mexico City’s annual Lunas del Auditorio Awards, held in the city’s Auditorio Nacional, celebrates the best live talent, productions and performances from across Latin America. Mixing top stars appearing onstage during the course of the evening was the new Midas XL8 digital mixing system at FOH.

Rodolfo Oropeza, owner of rental company ROA, supplied the XL8 for the event. The console was supervised by engineer Luis de la Rosa (pictured), whose company, Musica Moderna, also owns an XL8 system. Along with mixing some of the evening’s live performances, de la Rosa assisted Sergio Garza and a host of other mix engineers new to the XL8.

“The XL8’s intuitive work surface meant all the first-timers quickly came to grips with their mix, proving the familiar feel of Midas analog boards is intact on the new digital flagship,” says Nicolas Betancur, inside sales engineer, Latin America, Bosch Communications Systems. “We are glad the XL8 system found its natural place as a FOH console for this prestigious evening at the Auditorio Nacional.”

The main awards show is accompanied by “Expo Live Stage,” held in the entrance to the auditorium, where major rental companies and promoters showcase the audio, video and lighting systems that made their projects from during the previous year a success. More Midas activity was underway at the booth of Representaciones de Audio, Midas & Klark Teknik’s Mexican distributor, which displayed and demonstrated Midas Verona and Siena consoles, along with a Klark Teknik Helix digital EQ system.

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