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All New! The Presentation Studio at Mix Presents Sound for Film & TV 2019

Leading audio post-production manufacturers will present hands-on demonstrations of their technologies in the all-new Presentation Studio at Mix Presents Sound for Film & Television 2019, to be held September 28 at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, Calif.

Each presentation will take place in Theater 2, where attendees will get up-close looks at offerings that include plug-ins for sound creation and listening systems for professional reference monitoring—from Krotos Audio, Audionamix, Audeze and Ultimate Ears Pro.

Programming includes:

Krotos Audio: Using the Sound Design Bundle 2 for Audio Post

The Krotos Audio mission is to improve the way people design and perform sound, and their customers include sound designers working on well-known film and AAA game titles such as The Lion King, Star Trek, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things and The Jungle Book. Join Krotos CEO Orfeas Boteas and MPSE Golden Reel award winner and Sony Pictures Studios sound designer Mark Lanza, who will be demonstrating how quickly and easily Krotos plug-ins and libraries can be used to design the sound for entire scenes—from Foley to weapon and vehicle sounds, footsteps, vocalisations, pass-bys, whooshes and much more.

Audionamix: Audio Extraction With Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence can now extract dialog and music from a source, automating dialog editing, M&E creation, and immersive upmixing. Join us in a closed door presentation and hear the future of audio AI in action courtesy of the Audionamix Professional Services team. Their work with AI extraction technology has helped remonetize classic content for major motion pictures, GRAMMY-nominated albums, live film concerts, and hit TV shows across the globe.

Audeze: Mobius and 3D Listening

Sankar Thiagasamudram, CEO of Audeze, will present powerful new multichannel and spatial audio workflows that leverage the onboard head-tracking, surround sound processing, and studio reference sound quality of the Audeze Mobius together with fully integrated support for the all new Waves Abbey Road Studio 3 plugin. With the swiftly increasing demand for content studios to work with immersive 3D audio formats, the Audeze Mobius delivers an invaluable QC solution by allowing audio engineers to monitor their multi-channel, ambisonics, and spatial mixes with realistic room acoustics and sound localization from virtually anywhere.

Ultimate Ears Pro: In-Ear Monitor Listening Demos & 3D Ear Fitting

UE Pro will demo their latest in-ear monitor product lineup including the highly acclaimed Ultimate Ears Reference Remastered in-ear monitors. The UE RR is High-Resolution studio reference monitors developed in collaboration with Capitol Studios for mixing and mastering. The best in-ear monitors currently on the market for post-production. As a Mix Sound for Film/TV guest, you will receive complimentary digital molds and exclusive special pricing for select models. When you stop by our table you can also enter to win your very own pair of Ultimate Ears Reference Remastered in-ear monitors!

To learn more about Mix Presents Sound for Film & Television, CLICK HERE.