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× Announces Open Enrollment Period for First-Ever Artist-Controlled Database for Music Credits has announced the open enrollment period for its new platform, which will preserve the legacies of music creators for the digital future. The first artist-controlled authority of music credits, will enable songwriters, musicians, producers and engineers to take control of their credits, identity, metadata and digital legacy. Enrollment began on September 28 and will continue through the end of November. 

“With the music industry hyper-focused on how to make a profit off music creators’ work in the age of technology, the responsibility of the industry in acknowledging the legacy of music creators and their work in its simplest form—giving credit—has been all but completely forgotten,” says Christy Crowl, Founder and CEO of “We need to build our own resource of professional music credits and metadata online, and that data should be reusable to conduct our business and preserve our collective legacy.”

Through’s easy-to-use Digital Musician Companion tool, members only need to input their basic information once, then can begin adding their credits and data to their personal archive. With a URL, members can save their name and will be assigned a Unique Global Identifier to protect and validate their identity. In addition, is offering personal data curation from websites, enabling artists to clean up incorrect data about them in open source and proprietary databases.

A successful recording artist herself, Crowl founded after recognizing the music industry’s lack of an authoritative resource to authenticate, standardize, and provide music credits for business or music discovery purposes. The vision for is that commercial interests of the music industry can correctly identify and locate music professionals, helping the industry become more transparent and benefitting the economy of musicians and their professional organizations. In addition, academic and government interests (including the Library of Congress, U.S. Copyright office, and universities) can enhance their catalogs with authenticated creator, rights and performer information, or contribute their stored data to an authentic metadata ecosystem. This benefits music students, rights holders, their colleagues, and music fans who are looking for one place to discover musical facts.

“The artists have already done the hard work—creating the art. Now we’re able to easily protect and preserve their works by their own means and control, and their metadata can be stored centrally and repurposed across industry platforms as they so desire,” Crowl added. is a project of the Pasadena Arts Council’s EMERGE Program and is a founding member of the BerkleeICE Open Music Initiative. Endorsers include the Professional Musicians Local 47 of the American Federation of Musicians, SAG-AFTRA Singers, the Music Library Association, the Entertainment ID Registry Association, and The Wrecking Crew.

Interested artists can enroll at and can follow on Facebook at