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Rapco AVI-100, Blox Series

Rapco Blox Series audio connection and testing boxes

Rapco International (Booth #5968, Hall B) will feature its AVI-100 audio/video interface and new Blox Series audio connection and testing boxes. The AVI-100 takes any high-impedance consumer-grade equipment, and converts it to a professionally balanced low-impedance signal or mic level.

The AVI-100 is suitable for home studio applications in which the user eventually needs to transfer the music to tape or other types of recording devices. They can also use it in a capacity similar to a direct box, which has the ability to accept ¼-inch, 3.5mm or RCA connector with a pad switch built into it. The AVI-100 takes input and converts it to a balanced mic level output.

The AVI-100 will be available at local retailers for a suggested retail price of $89.95.

The Blox Series audio connection and testing boxes include 12 audio tools that offer solutions for a multitude of audio problems and needs.

The 12 different boxes in the Blox Series include BCTBLOX, continuity tester; KDBLOX, unbalanced cable tester; CDBLOX, balanced cable tester; CVPBLOX, variable pad with mute; PADBLOX, inline pad; ISOBLOX, inline isolation transformer; STBLOX, Neutriik Speakon cable tester; PPSBLOX, 12-volt phantom power supply; PFLBLOX, phantom-powered flashlight; DBBLOX, direct injection; DBBLOXF, lo- to hi-Z transformer; and TDIBLOX, consumer-to-pro interface.

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