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Roger Quested, Guy Lewis Acquire Quested from Soundmix Group

Guy Lewis (left) and Roger Quested in front of Quested’s HM415 monitors.

In a move that has returned Quested Monitoring Systems to self-ownership, Roger Quested and Guy Lewis have acquired the company from the Soundmix Group.

“With the merger a few years ago of MC2 Audio and XTA to create Soundmix, Quested experienced a change in the resources we could rely on to move forward,” says Roger Quested, whose monitor designs set the company on its course almost 25 years ago. “That has now changed and it will be a new start for Quested, really. Our big system designs have seen a resurgence, and the smaller powered monitors continue to be picked up in all areas of studio and recording.”

Guy Lewis adds: “Whilst the Quested name is well known in the industry, the commercial side has not received the focus it needs in what is a very competitive environment. Over 40 companies manufacture studio monitors of some type, but no other company has the acoustic design ability of Roger, the successful history in the biggest studios worldwide, and a range of affordable monitoring with such incredible levels of performance and accuracy.

“I discovered last year that the Soundmix Group was focusing its resources on markets that took it away from Quested’s core business, and that Quested had drifted a little during this time. I spoke with several key people in the recording and broadcast sectors, all of whom confirmed that not only did Quested have a strong future, but also with the right approach, it could find new customers around the world. To really take advantage of this, Roger Quested and I have done several months’ work on not just buying the company, but finalizing an exciting new 3-way monitor—the V3110—on an innovative new amplifier platform. Exciting times, and all will be revealed at AES in New York!

“The Soundmix team has been very supportive in helping Quested to step out of the group and move on. Quested still uses their unique amplifier technology to achieve the necessary levels of product performance, and this will continue.”

The company states that it is planning to introduce several new designs in 2010, and that a new three-way active system is due to arrive in the next few weeks. Roger Quested is very happy with his latest design: “It is the first time I have used a combination of our unique Class-A/B modules with an efficient Class-D module for driving the low-end, and it is a hugely revealing combination.” Quested says that full details on the new system will be announced soon.

The first job for Quested’s new owners was to get a pair of the biggest Quested monitors built and on the way to Mexico. However, the overwhelming size of the HM415s (pictured) are said to contradict their neutral and accurate presentation. “The custom side of the business, where we do the larger systems, is having a great year,” says Roger Quested, “and we have gone from doing one a year to completing five already in 2009, with two more planned!”

Production Coordinator Ollie Shortland had to order custom packaging and bespoke pallets to get the system on its way, and Roger Quested will travel to Mexico to set up the system. “The client has had our VH3208 for some time, and found his larger main monitors couldn’t meet the same performance level. So he decided to replace them, and go for the HM415 system, as there is nothing bigger we can offer him!”

For more information, visit Quested Monitoring Systems Ltd. will exhibit at the 127th AES Convention at the Javits Center in New York City, from October 9 to October 12, in booth #154.

Until October 7, audio professionals can attend the 127th AES Convention with a complimentary “Exhibits Only” VIP registration courtesy of Mix magazine. Visit the AES VIP registration page for your free registration.