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Sesh: The Music Maker’s Marketplace App

Sesh, a startup tech company in Los Angeles, is launching a new platform for peer-to-peer music recording services. Studio owners, session players, engineers, and other audio professionals are invited to list studios and services on the free Sesh app. Like Airbnb, Sesh users can rent to verified users, check reviews, and market certain times at discounted prices.

Sesh is the brainchild of touring music producer Stephan Jacobs, who came up with the concept out of necessity after years of touring on the road. Jacobs pivoted his time and converted space in his garage recording studio to create a daytime coding workspace and bring this groundbreaking new resource to fruition, offering everything at the user’s fingertips.  

Seth states that early adopters will be heavily featured. The first 1,500 people who list on Sesh will also receive Legacy membership, with numerous perks.

Download Sesh from Apple’s iTunes App Store.

Visit Sesh at