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Sonic Distribution Now Shipping SoundStudio Stage Boxes

SoundStudio 16X8 Audio-over-Ethernet SoundGrid audio interface.

Sonic Distribution, an independent distributor of pro audio in the UK, announces the release and shipping of its SoundStudio line of high-end audio interfaces for live sound (prices TBA).  

Drawing on its experience as a distributor and manufacturer since 2002, Sonic has developed SoundStudio as a new brand of I/O units that licenses and leverages infrastructure from Waves Audio’s SoundGrid. The first SoundStudio Audio-over-Ethernet SoundGrid audio interfaces are designed as rugged, road-proof stage boxes, equipped with high-performance digitally controlled microphone preamps and AD/DA converters.

SoundStudio 24X12 Audio-over-Ethernet SoundGrid audio interface.

SoundStudio can connect and network with modern systems in contemporary live sound environments. SoundStudio interfaces connect to SoundGrid networks using Ethernet cables and stream audio via the SoundGrid protocol.  

A first glance at these boxes will be available at the 141st AES Convention in Los Angeles, where the company will display 8X8, 16X8, and 24X12 SoundStudio units.  

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