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Sonoma Wire Works, Discrete Drums Collaborate

Sonoma Wire Works and Discrete Drums have entered into an agreement to bring Discrete Drums’ original multitrack drum sessions to Sonoma Wire Works’ InstantDrummer format. This will give RiffWorks recording software users additional high-quality drum recordings to incorporate into their music.

According to Sonoma Wire Works’ Doug Wright, “With the stand-alone version of RiffWorks coming for PC and Mac OS X [including Intel Macs], offering new features such as RiffLink online collaboration and RiffCaster instant podcasting technology, RiffWorks users have a lot to look forward to.”

RiffWorks’ recording software includes a unique InstantDrummer that adds drummer content into RiffWorks users’ recordings. InstantDrummer offers a range of intensities and adjustable variation for each drummer session with no programming necessary.

For more information, visit Sonoma Wire Works and Discrete Drums at and, respectively.