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Steinberg Releases New ASIO 2.2 Standard

Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH has released a 64-bit–capable version of its Audio Stream Input/Output (ASIO) technology. The ASIO 2.2 SDK provides software engineers with a complete set of tools for creating ASIO-ready host applications and drivers for 64-bit versions of Microsoft’s Windows operating system.

“ASIO 2.2 and its ASIO 2/64 component will form the backbone of a new generation of 64-bit host applications and audio devices for Windows,” says Markus Stehlik, Steinberg’s director of engineering. “The new version of this open standard will also ensure both 32-bit and 64-bit driver versions are available to customers of audio software and hardware.”

ASIO supports variable bit depths and sample rates, multichannel operation and synchronization. It is designed to provide users with low latency, high performance, easy setup and stable audio recording within VST. The entire system becomes controllable and offers complete and immediate access to the audio system’s capabilities.

The SDK is available for download at