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Visioneering Design Launches New Division

Pictured from left: Gary Fradkin, Sound Services Inc. director of engineering, and Ron Lagerlof of VisioneeringConnect.

Visioneering Design has launched a new subsidiary, VisioneeringConnect, which plans to offer Visioneering Design-type services to project studios, boutique post facilities, residential screening rooms and pro audio/video dealers.

To date, VisioneeringConnect has been contracted by Russ Beltry of RSPE Audio Solutions for integration services for its client, Oracle Post, in North Hollywood. RSPE’s lead designer, Mark Lindauer, provided his documentation to VisioneeringConnect for cable fabrication and on-site installation. Another longtime client of Visioneering Design, Sound Services Inc. (SSI) of Hollywood, has contracted the new division for the installation of their new dubbing stage.

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