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Waves Audio Now Shipping the Greg Wells PianoCentric Plug-In

Waves Audio is now shipping the Waves Greg Wells PianoCentric plug-in ($TBA) as part of its Waves Signature Series. Waves Greg Wells PianoCentric is offered as a quick solution for shaping piano or keyboard recordings in a mix with options varying from full-range piano to lo-fi filtered sounds.

Multiple Grammy Award–nominated producer, songwriter, musician and mixing engineer Greg Wells (Adele, Katy Perry, Mika, One Republic, Twenty One Pilots) collaborated with Waves to create PianoCentric, a user-friendly single-knob plug-in that gives users direct access to the customized tools, signal flow and piano processing techniques perfected by Wells.

“The PianoCentric plug-in is something I wish every studio I ever worked in had,” says Wells. “The piano is a hard instrument to record and even harder to make sit in the mix properly. I have been playing piano as a studio musician for 30 years. Any time I heard an engineer do something that got me closer to the piano sound in my head, I paid very close attention.

“Under the hood of the PianoCentric plug-in is every technique I’ve learned over the years of how to make the piano sound amazing in the studio. I designed this plug-in to reach two different destinations. One destination is gorgeous punchy piano that will cut through any mix with lots of drums and other elements. The second and opposite destination is more like an old bullet microphone in mono, inside the piano—lo-fi and a little crunchy.”

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