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Waves Releases Stereo-to-Surround Plug-Ins

Waves UM226 plug-in

The UM225 and UM226 are new stereo-to-surround processing plug-ins that bring Waves quality to the surround soundscape, maintaining the character of the original mix—including absolute levels, relative levels and relative positions in space—while realizing the potential of the center, rear and LFE channels for a rich, enveloping 360-degree mix.

Using patented center- and rear-channel extraction processes, together with a unique LFE channel enrichment process, the UM225 for 5.0 production and UM226 for 5.1 work deliver improved surround imaging for a wider soundscape with better separation.

Features include Profile modes for music and movies; enhanced clarity and separation of frontal center; LFE channel LoAir enrichment with cutoff-frequency control; adjustable rear channel ambience and delay; left/right input meters; 5.1 output meters and an intuitive surround graph.

Controls include LF Profile (L/R to C balance); HF Profile (L/R to C balance); Punch L/R to C balance; L/R width; UpMix Amount; rear LPF; rear ambience; rear delay; LFE LPF LFE LoAir; output trims; master output; and speaker muting.

UM225 and UM226 are available separately or included in Waves’ 360° Surround Tools and Mercury bundles. Users covered by the Waves update plan can download the new plug-ins now.

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