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WDR Adds Fairlight DREAM Constellation-XT Console

Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) of Cologne, Germany—one of Germany’s largest national radio broadcasters—recently purchased a three-bay Fairlight DREAM Constellation-XT system for recording, mixing and editing in its new studio. WDR owns multiple Fairlight MFX3+ digital audio workstations and has been a Fairlight customer for several years. The station’s MFX3+ systems have been used for producing complex radio dramas and have been the broadcaster’s DAWs of choice because of their reliability, speed of operation and productivity.

A Fairlight MediaLink networking system connects the post-production areas together and supports collaborative workflow with WDR’s other third-party workstations.

“In our experience, each Fairlight product we have used offers the best in class in cost of ownership, system performance and functionality,” states Manfred Baer, head of radio operations for WDR. “What’s more, Fairlight provides a platform on which to base our existing workflow, as well as a structure for future growth.”

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